How to Join Earth Guardians

Are you interested in joining Earth Guardians? Well, it’s easy to join and make a difference!

To become an Earth Guardian, you need to fill out a short survey. You can find the survey here, or by visiting the Earth Guardians website, which is accessible on our homepage. Earth Guardians will then send you an email in the next few days letting you know what crew is closest to you.

If you would like to join the Earth Guardians Englewood Crew, you can fill out our form here. You must be in the Denver Metro Area, preferably southern Denver Metro Area near Englewood, be able to add emails to your mobile device (if you have one) and be able to access Telegram, an IM service on your device with notifications. You do not need to able to attend physical meetings, but digital meetings are required.

Thank you for your interest in joining Earth Guardians! Also, our video will be live in the coming weeks- sorry for any delay, the video is currently in production.

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